The Hot Pink Photo Booth Rental Experience

See why you’ll be taken care of when you book with us!

See why you’ll be taken care of when you book with us!


What is the Hot Pink Experience?

Let’s start with why I call it an experience. I’m Tri Trinh, founder of Hot Pink Photo Booth. I’ve spent my entire life in the events industry, and I know that at the end of the day, an event can be one of three things. It can be a disaster, it can be an event, or it can be an experience.

When you’re booking a photo booth for your wedding, fundraiser, or party… it has to be an experience. It has to be something that captures every beautiful moment that you wanted for the guests.

I’m so thankful to have received over fifty perfect reviews on WeddingWire. Most of them mention the fact that my team and I are responsive, professional, and accommodating. But I think you can get words like that anywhere. What do they really mean when you’re trying to rent a photo booth?

Responsive means that if you need a piece of information, one of us is available to get it to you quickly and easily. This is true both before and after you book. You won’t be waiting days to hear back from us. It also means that I’m happy to talk with you however you’d like. Prefer not to talk on the phone? So does literally everyone I know. I’m happy to text!

Professional means that my team is ready to show up at any event and handle themselves with grace and dignity. I only hire the best, and we consider every booking to be a chance to represent the person who booked us. You’ll never see sloppy t-shirts or any attendant paying more attention to their cell phone than your clients.

Professional also means discretion. We’ve seen it all and done it all. Any guests who make decisions they might later regret in the photo are gently encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and the permanence of digital photos. We ensure that all nude or derogatory photos are removed and permanently destroyed as quickly as possible.

Accommodating means that we’re willing to help. It’s completely understandable that you might not know every rule or restriction of a venue that you’ve booked for an event. I don’t know why anyone would expect that of you!

I once did an event where I carried our booth up three flights of stairs because we weren’t allowed to use the elevator. I would have rather known about the stairs, but our photo booths are portable! We’re also real people working an event. If the line is still crazy at the end of the evening and you want to book extra time… that’s okay! The Hot Pink Experience is about having a photo booth that your guests deserve. We’re here to give that to them.

Hot Pink has worked events at the Kennedy Center, we’ve worked events with Southwest and the Department of State. We’ve also been to weddings with 50 guests and no photography other than the booth and people’s cell phones. When it comes to renting a photo booth from us, you will be treated like a rock star no matter what!